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*** Favorite Links ***

This is the home of my favorite modeler SolidWorks. Find out
what's happening at this cutting edge company. If you are a
subscription owner, you can find tons of files waiting for you.

Hard OCP is for hard core computer hobbyists. If you want to
build the ultimate machine, you can get some expert advice
from these guys.

This is THE place to go for getting the most from your GeForce.
You can find RivaTuner here along with the infamous SoftQuadro.
Want to turn you GeForce into a Quadro? Go here and do it!

I use this as my start page. All the tech news you can handle
will be here. It's great for finding out the scoop on tech stocks
and IPO's. Lots of shareware downloads too.

Arguably one of the best search engines out there. You get a
search result from several engines all piled up, for you to choose
from. Give it a try.

If you are looking for outside SolidWorks design expertise for
your next product, this is a great place to start. They even
have a Tips&Tricks section with downloadable PDF files.
You can even find a couple written by me.