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Martian Head in a Jar (2004)

Dedicated to NASA and those involved in the Mars exploration, program. This is yet another example of how SolidWorks can create unusual shapes using the surfacing tools included in software. Pretty creepy looking eh?

Martian Head in a Jar

Reference Point (2004)

For those wishing there was an easier way to make an object follow a sketched path, here is the answer. A Reference Point follows a spline in these examples. Distances are controlled by a percentage or dimension. Hit "Rebuild" to animate them.

Macro Feature (2003)

Imagine inserting macros into your Feature Manager that will execute commands every time you rebuild. That's the power of Macro Features. Here it's used to actually "mate" a Spot Light to a part in an assembly, making it FULLY ASSOCIATIVE!

Motion Limiters (2001Plus)

This interesting technique demonstrates how an empty part, inserted into an assembly, can limit motion. A distance mate controls allowable space in which a part is free to travel. Many thanks to Stefan Berlitz and Stefan Giehl for sharing the idea!

Motion Limiters

Automotive Science and Engineering (2001Plus)

Can you model an entire automobile in SolidWorks? Well, I know you can model a scale replica. This is the Mach Five car from the Speed Racer® cartoon series. Use it to show those other CAD vendors how capable SolidWorks really is.